Off-Road Winter Series – 2019/2020 Online Booking

MIdlands Raceway’s 2019/2020 Winter Series, sponsored by Schumacher Racing


Doors open 7:30
Open practice & booking-in 8:00 – 9:00
Drivers briefing 9:15
First round start 9:30

2wd Modified
4wd Modified
2wd Vintage
4wd Vintage

Open front tyre, Schumacher Cactus Rears

Race Format
Open Practice, 4 Qualifying Rounds, 1 Final.
Championship points will be up to 50 points from qualifying, and up to 50 for finals, max 100 from each round.

Race entry fee is £10, Juniors race for £7, Second class is £7


Race Class

Race Dates
29th September3rd November24th November29th December26th January23th February22th March

BRCA Number

Transponder Number (0 if you do not have one)

Ability (1 = Beginner | 10 = Professional


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